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We have shared initiatives with Slow Food, FAI, theater and music companies, charities and sports associations. We also collaborate with Plein Air, the main magazine in the sector, Camperonline and with Fiat Ducato Camper.

We like to use our spaces and our skills at the service of charities and for the promotion of life in the open air.

Unità Abitative Movbili - Caravanbacci

Sustainability of Recreational Vehicles, first experimental research in Italy

Book printed in two languages, in which research data on the sustainability of tourism in VR integrated by Prof. Paolo Fiamma of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Pisa are published.


Ceccotti Airstream Caravanbacci

Luxury Airstream in collaboration with Ceccotti Collezioni

A combination of Tuscan excellence to bring life to an authentic expression of Italian craftsmanship on wheels. In 2001 we had the honour and pleasure of working with Ceccotti Collezioni and Lazzeroni Design, two huge international names in the interior design sector, to create a specially-designed Airstream.


Gallo nero |

Gallo Nero en Plein Air

An initiative created in collaboration with Consorzio Gallo Nero to promote camper van holidays in the Chianti wine region. The film was presented during the week dedicated to the Federation of Wine Roads of Oil and Flavours of Tuscany during the Milan Fuori Expo in September 2015.


Rete Toscana del Buon Vivere all'Aria Aperta - Caravanbacci

Tuscan Fine Outdoor Living Network

Caravanbacci has sponsored an agreement with various municipalities, universities, Camper Clubs, parks and the Italian Associations of Camper Makers to create a new network. The agreement was signed in September 2015 during the Parma Motorhome Show. The film made by Caravanbacci was screened during the’EXPO 2015 at the Tuscany Pavilion




Thanks to the friends taking part in the 1st Driving & Living Experience, to the Carthago Reisemobile, to the magazines Camperonline journeys in high-quality camper vans and PleinAir, to the Municipality of Vicopisano, the Municipality of Calci, the Municipality of Vecchiano and to the companies that helped us: Torre a Cenaia Bagni di Pisa Palace & Spa, Gruppo Culturale Ippolito Rosellini, Contrada San Michele, Vicopisano Turismo...


Volantino energie alternative |

Alternative energies and sustainable tourism 2012

Conference which saw the participation of Dr. Tarducci, responsible for the development of agricultural entrepreneurship, the manager of tourism development and promotion policies Stefano Romagnoli and Eng. Sannia product development manager of Fiat Professional - Fiat Ducato camper, from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Pisa and other institutions.


TASS sistema turismo Sotenibile Caravanbacci

On the Path of Sustainability

In 2014 Caravanbacci financed a study on the sustainability of the camper, a study commissioned to Eng. Paolo Fiamma of the engineering department of the University of Pisa, conducted on a significant sample of owners of recreational vehicles (VR).


TASS sistema turismo Sotenibile Caravanbacci

TASS – Sustainable Open Air Tourism System

The group was founded in January 2014 with the presidency of Paolo Bacci, owner of Caravanbacci and with the camper Club La Granda Italia. From this collaboration, the idea of ​​creating a study on the sustainability of the camper was born, the idea was accepted by the Leader Group which will sponsor it.


Fondo ambientale Italiano logo |

FAI – Italian Environment Fund

FAI's assets are wonderful places which, after being restored, are made accessible to the public. Since May 2016, having become an FAI Partner, you can buy prepaid tickets for the Tower and Campatelli house and for other FAI assets spread throughout the Italian territory at our office, as well as find information material relating to FAI initiatives and assets.