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Caravanbacci loves the environment

Since 2008 with the opening of the new center in Lavoria (PI) we have had at heart the environment and the protection of the territory, promoting sustainable tourism and eco-friendly. To do this, we started with ourselves, promoting energy efficiency and the ecological transition of our dealership. In the past 10 years, we have produced around 560,000 KW of energy through solar panels, which has allowed us to save around 142,000 kg of CO2.

Ultimately, more than a third of the energy we consume is produced by our solar panels.

Due to our position in the countryside, we are forced to go to work by car (consuming diesel and petrol) and to light up the night we buy energy from the grid. This is why our Carbon Foot Print is 58.89 t. CO2. We are working to reduce it, promoting the use of more efficient vehicles with hybrid and electric engines, the design of a hydrogen system that using energy from solar panels will allow us to become practically autonomous from the external electricity grid at night, certification is planned. ISO14001 (environmental sustainability) and the Carbon Foot Print.

In this regard, in February 2022 we installed a 22 kW electric charging station for cars, using the excess production from solar panels

Finally, in 2019, we promoted and funded an experimental study of the University of Pisa, which showed that the camper holiday reduces CO2 emissions by up to 52% compared to the traditional car + hotel holiday (this study was promoted internationally by Fiat Ducato Camper).

Starting from this awareness that outdoor tourism with recreational vehicles (VR) is GREEN and promotes smaller towns, we have promoted the culture of living in Tuscany through various conferences attended by important figures from local and regional administrations and private companies.