TASS – Sustainable Open Air Tourism System

Facilitate and disseminate sustainable outdoor tourism

The group was founded in January 2014 with the presidency of Paolo Bacci, owner of Caravanbacci and with the Camper Club La Granda Italia, a historic association founded in 1989 which boasts 18 sections and which has among its aims the diffusion and protection of itinerant tourism.

The main objective of this group is therefore to facilitate and spread sustainable tourism in the open air, precisely because it is the most ecological way to get to know the area while limiting consumption to a minimum.

The group is defined as a “system” as by definition the “system” is a set of interconnected elements. In fact, the founders of the TASS group firmly believe that a true and lasting development of tourism, in all its various facets, can only take place and endure if a solid synergy is created between the different parties.

For this reason, the first initiative of the TASS system was to establish a collaboration with the European Association of Via Francigene, responsible for the enhancement of this itinerary.

TASS sistema turismo Sotenibile Caravanbacci