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Yes travel! But in the camper it is more ecological

Traveling by camper to save the planet

Those who love the environment know, respect it and traveling by camper is the most sustainable dimension to explore the world, in contact with and respecting nature.

This pandemic has not only imposed huge restrictions on freedom of movement but has also given us great evidence for the health of our planet.

Without bothering forecasts by experts or research by large institutes, the last year has clearly shown us how much human activities represent an aggressive, harmful and unbalanced way of interacting with nature. For this reason it is necessary to get used to changing the way we relate to the planet so that we can continue to explore it and enjoy its wonders.

In transforming our habits we must also rethink our way of traveling, trying to avoid waste and above all the harmful CO2 emissions.

According to the study of prof. Paolo Fiamma of the University of Pisa published in the book “Mobile Housing Units”, the camper holiday reduces CO2 emissions by up to 52% compared to a traditional holiday.

Camper e Ambiente - Caravanbacci

And if we consider the combination of “car + hotel”, the camper alternative further lowers this value by up to 65%.

But the benefits for the planet are not over, the camper leads to change many of the most harmful common habits:

  • Plastic and waste: space in the camper is more reduced and each additional waste occupies a precious place ending up sacrificing the well-being and comfort of passengers. The solution is therefore to minimize the consumption of plastic and various wrappers thanks to an expense
    more careful.
  • You consume electricity and gas: the battery of the camper is not eternal as well as the cylinders and the boiler which have a reduced capacity compared to those of the houses. So it all depends on the ability to learn simple but essential gestures, such as turning off the light or adjusting the heating correctly in order to have greater autonomy and, without even realizing it, protect the environment.
  • Water consumption: in the camper the capacity of the water tank reaches the
    best case scenario 110 liters, to be divided between kitchen, toilet, shower and sink. This necessarily means learning not to leave taps open and to use water sparingly, without waste.

These are just some of the elements that contribute to making the camper a more “green” travel style, capable of really changing the environmental impact of our travels and, over time, transforming our daily habits in favor of more aware and respectful of the environment. Once back from vacation it will happen more and more rarely to leave the tap on or the light on, try it!