On the Path of Sustainability

A study of the impact of motorhome tourism on the territory

In 2014 Caravanbacci financed a study on the sustainability of the camper, a study commissioned to Ing. Paolo Fiamma of the engineering department of the University of Pisa , conducted on a significant sample of owners of recreational vehicles (VR).

This research presented in September 2014 at the Salone del Camper di Parma made it possible to trace significant data on actual consumption and on the economic contributions produced by VR such as:

  • Sustainability of itinerant tourism in terms of saving resources and with a very strong reduction of CO2 emissions, compared with traditional accommodation.
  • Beware of smaller residential areas, such a precious and characteristic resource of our country.
  • Positive economic impact on the territory of the daily expenses incurred by traveling tourists.
  • Benefits in education to respect the environment and the territory.
TASS sistema turismo Sotenibile Caravanbacci

All this pushes to immediately activate intervention synergies to contribute to the development of itinerant tourism, promoting:

  • The knowledge by administrators and private individuals (farms, museums, archaeological areas) of the potential of VR tourism.
  • Infrastructures suitable for a widespread reception in the area, perfectly integrated into the environment.
  • A specific tourism aimed at emphasizing the quality of hospitality, considering that itinerant tourism only adds resources to. traditional accommodation, given that these two targets can easily coexist without overlapping, both bringing economic benefits to the area.

This study represents a first important step towards the dissemination of a culture that enhances knowledge and belonging to the territory, respect for the environment and for the people who populate it, to invest in one of the most important resources of our country: tourism.