FAI – Italian Environment Fund

Caravanbacci partner FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano

You can buy FAI monuments tickets at our facility.

“Promote a culture of respect for nature, art, history and traditions of Italy and protect a heritage that is part of our roots and our identity.”

This is the FAI’s mission, but it has always also been a goal of Caravanbacci, in the belief that the discovery of the territory can only take place by promoting quality tourism, respectful of the environment and which allows you to discover a territory without altering its scenic beauty.

For this reason we have started a collaboration between Caravanbacci and FAI.

FAI’s assets are wonderful places which, after being restored, are made accessible to the public.

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Having become a FAI Partner since May 2016, you can buy tickets at our office to visit the Tower and Campatelli house in San Gimignano (SI) and for other FAI assets spread throughout the Italian territory, as well as finding information material relating to FAI initiatives and assets.

Tourism with the V.R. it is a form of sustainable tourism that allows you to discover the extraordinary beauty of our artistic and naturalistic heritage without altering its characteristics. The camper does not pollute, does not consume the territory, discovers and relaunches small municipalities, leaves no trace of its passage and very often moves in the low season.

“Knowledge, use and awareness of the value of the Italian historical-artistic heritage are elements that are often not deeply rooted in young people, who are the future recipients, but also custodians, of the heritage itself. Therefore, it becomes particularly important to raise awareness and educate younger generations on its importance.”

If we want our children to grow up curious and happy, let’s educate them from an early age on travel, observation, appreciation and knowledge of beauty, respect for the environment. The camper is a tool that allows families to travel together, educates in the conscious consumption of precious resources such as water and energy, educates to coexistence and respect for the rules.

Caravanbacci with FAI, a small beginning of a collaboration that we hope will further develop over time and lead to significant synergies for the protection of our heritage but also to the growth of outdoor tourism, a form of tourism that respects the places visited that leads to the many realities of the territory (be they parks, farms, small municipalities, parks, agri-food producers, mountain communities) .. a new opportunity to increase their economy and create new jobs.