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Rental camper vans in Tuscany

All camper vans were enrolled in 2021

Travel safely with camper vans from the Caravanbacci fleet. An accurate selection of rental camper vans at the best prices with guaranteed assistance throughout Italy. Caravanbacci rental camper vans are extremely efficient and reliable, making them ideal for a perfect holiday in maximum comfort. All our vehicles are also washed and treated with professional ozone generators to guarantee complete sanitisation.

Our tariffs begin at €106 per day. Request a personalised price quote based on your requirements. Caravanbacci is not a budget company: for more than forty years we have guaranteed the rental of new and reliable camper vans to give you the best holiday possible. Caravanbacci is a guarantee of a calm and carefree holiday. Read our reviews.

13 Camper Matching
Anno: 1992 - 2020
Lunghezza (cm): 450 - 885

Rental tariffs 2021

Daily tariff – 100km included (valid for a minimum of 5 days)

Season Compact Family Deluxe Premium
Low € 106 € 119 € 145 € 158
Medium € 125 € 140 € 162 € 178
High € 159 € 180 € 205 € 230
Weekend 500km inc.
(excluding July and August)
€ 420 € 450 € 540 € 590
Per km extra € 0,30 € 0,30 € 0,30 € 0,35

Daily tariff – unlimited kms (valid for a minimum of 6 days)

Season Compact Family Deluxe Premium
Low € 133 € 144 € 170 € 186
Medium € 155 € 170 € 186 € 203
High € 191 € 203 € 234 € 260


High season
From 23 July to 27 August

From 26 March to 22 July
From 28 August to 30 September
From 23 December to 9 January

Low season
Remaining periods of the year

Additional packages

Washing/Sanitising/Gas/Toilet fluids (compulsory) €100
Kitchen set €30
Organic set for double bed (3 towels each, 2 cushions, and 1 quilt) €35
Organic set for single bed (3 towels, 1 cushion, and 1 quilt) €20
Bicycle/child seat for bicycle €50/100

Table with 4 seats €65
Per extra seat €15
Snow chains €45
Seat for child €15
Push scooter €50


From Pisa Airport to Caravanbacci (or vice versa), maximum 4 people with luggage (Monday to Saturday from 8am to 6:30pm) €60 per trip

From Pisa Airport to Caravanbacci (or vice versa), maximum 7 people with luggage (Monday to Saturday from 8am to 6:30pm) €110 per trip

Collection or delivery within a radius of 400km €500

Our aim is to ensure that you have a peaceful and hassle-free holiday.

As a result, we have reduced the problems caused by our customers upon return by 30%. We do not erect awnings and TV antennas because little breakages can cause expensive damage.

Our service includes

New motorhomes and assistance 24 hours a day throughout Europe with a dedicated call centre, provided by engine manufacturers and interior manufacturers respectively

Allianz comprehensive insurance (leading insurance company) with 24h assistance throughout Europe

Our availability at all times

  • Installation of extra accessories for the good functioning of solar panels and high-efficiency batteries – for no more problems with energy; cotton seat covers for cab and living area – no more problems with small stains; reversing sensors – high reduction of bumper breakages and damage when manoeuvring; anti-theft device – leave your belongings in the camper van and sleep peacefully; radio – to keep you company during your trip; inverter 12/220W – helps you to recharge all batteries; indicators for the various filling ports – no more diesel in the water tank.

Is this your first camper van rental? Watch the useful video guide from Assocamp