Tuscan Fine Outdoor Living Network

United for the Promotion of Tourism in Tuscany using Recreational Vehicles

Caravanbacci has sponsored an agreement with various municipalities, universities, Camper Clubs, parks and the Italian Associations of Camper Makers to create a new network.

The agreement was signed in September 2015 during the Parma Motorhome Show. The film made by Caravanbacci was screened during the’EXPO 2015 at the Tuscany Pavilion during the week in September dedicated to the Tuscany to Milan Open Spaces Network, for the promotion of outdoor tourism using Recreational Vehicles in Tuscany.

This network was created with the aim of highlighting and promoting individual municipalities and in turn bringing added benefits to the Region of Tuscany itself.

The best tool for better understanding the essence of Fine Outdoor Living is camper tourism which, according to scientific data, is the most sustainable form of sedentary tourism when it comes to CO2 emissions and the environment. A type of tourism that is perfectly suited to discovering the countless panoramas and food and wine specialities that our region has to offer.

The following parties/groups have joined and helped to promote the initiative:
Municipality of Fosdinovo, Municipality of Crespina, Municipality of Trequanda, Municipality of San Gemignano, Edizioni Plein air, Parchi val di Cornia, Municipality of Cutigliano, Municipality of San Giuliano Terme, Municipality of Vecchiano, Municipality of Calci, Municipality of Pratovecchio Stia, Municipality of Vicopisano, Università di Pisa, Feisct, Municipality of Volterra, Municipality of Signa, Stradaoliodeimontipisani, APC Italia.